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Company Culture
Learning, progress, innovation, "is the motto of the broad people always keep in mind, as a member of the corporate family, every employee in Canton are constantly learning and progress, to improve themselves, to enable enterprises bigger and stronger, . Yaohua refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. has grown very focused individual and collective integrity intact, we work with all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, etc., are always stick to a common belief: always honest, fair, mutual respect and we are committed to all stakeholders to create long-term value to exceed customer expectations, and the company cast into an ideal place to work, whether it is the perfect product or good service, we strive to give customers the best , allowed to enjoy the refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Yaohua perfect product quality. 
Do staff favorite, consumer satisfaction, customer profitability of the enterprise, to create value for consumers, contribute to society, to contribute to economic development, which is deeply rooted Yaohua Refrigeration Equipment Co., timeless spirit of enterprise culture.
Enterprise purpose: to grow together, share success 
We grow together with employees, and employees of the cause of the pursuit of self-affirmation and beyond - to create opportunities for employees 
We grow together with our customers to share the joy brought by asset value with customers - creating value for customers 
We grow together with our partners, resource sharing, complementary advantages, powerful alliances, Build brilliant 
We grow together with the community to promote the country's economic development, revitalization of the national scientific and technological progress - creating benefits for the community 
Entrepreneurship: Innovation and pragmatic professionalism and efficient 
Innovation is the soul of the company, is the driving force behind the development of the eternal 
Tell the truth, the real, do solid work, real results 
Dear, respected their career, with respect, treat the pious soul career, depending on their career as a vocation 
Think of to do, and immediately hands, rapid absorption, rapid change, rapid action