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[Yaohua heat pump] air heater using only the most energy-efficient
2015-01-21 15:49:45

"Yaohua heat pump-net news" at present, China is vigorously promoting a low carbon energy-saving lives. Energy saving low carbon life goods increasing everyone's favorite. It is understood that the heater, as so-called "fourth-generation water heater" air heater was gradually accepted. Air heater on the market today price is relatively high, but because of the comfort, safety and energy efficiency attracted a group of users. So how do you use only the most energy-efficient air heater?

First, installation method for air heater and energy saving effect

Installation methods also affect the air heater energy-saving effect. Different ways to use round-the-clock water supply and water supply can be divided into two types: all-day water is mainly used in hotels, hotels, hospitals and other places, timed water is mainly used in schools, factories and other places.

Water supply installation method is relatively simple, if mounted on the tank and the host of two circular tube for heating, and then at some point run out of hot water then add cold water, to heat again. This installation method is very energy-efficient. Round-the-clock water supply installation method, there are many, such as useful heat, cyclic, size of water tank model, and so on.

Directly refers to the cold water after hosts heated water can use, water temperature can reach 45-55 ℃. This principle is a throttling device to control the size of supplementary water capacity, cannot fill the water flow heat exchanger, therefore to be done directly by the host should be taken into account into the heat exchanger pipe diameter should not be too big, to go through the trial to select the most suitable way of pipe diameter and be on fire.

Heating cycle is hosts by circulating heated water tank water heats up, when the water inside the tank after took part, would have to fill the water tank with water and then heated to the required temperature, the installation is relatively simple. Size mode is referred to as hosts to a small water tank the water tank is heated to a certain temperature and small tanks for all the water to the tank, then fill small tanks of cold water heating, circulating until the water container filled with hot water so far, this control is relatively complex, but does not appear as circular heating that host in the high temperature heating phenomena. Energy-saving effect is high.

Er, reasonable hosts the water tank, it is important

First to household machine for cases: with big of hosts distribution small tank, will makes investment costs had big, increased one-time investment cost, but due to hosts work time shortened, on hosts of using life has is big of improve; with small hosts distribution big tank, this configuration can reduced cost, but hosts of work time will obviously plus long, will effects to hosts of using life. For example, with 1 host 300L water tank 300L tank with 2 host will vary greatly in price. In this way, working time is significantly longer than small hosts, to be even more pronounced in the winter. Add electric auxiliary, will rely on auxiliary effect in winter, so many users are obviously felt in the winter when electricity electric water heaters. Therefore, the electric auxiliary tank Riga, although one-off costs can be reduced, but the costs will multiply more losses than gains, not only lose energy and security compromised. Household type air heater in case of reasonable matching was not power assisted. If 1 unit equipped with tanks 100-150L, 2 units equipped with 200-500L water tank, it is extending the life of the host and really achieve the air heater energy-saving, environmental protection, security of operational performance.

Project match. For example a project of 6 tons of water, some project developers in order to win the project, the configuration is 5 HP given machine with 6 tons of water, some 6, 6 tons. Engineering a month after installation, which costs roughly around 2000 Yuan, but during the winter it is different, and costs to more than 6,000. Therefore, smaller hosts with large-tonnage is not going to work, if it is 6 tons of water at least up to 10 hosts. In order to ensure the daily water consumption, can very well save costs.

Three, piping water tank insulation work required is done

Pipe and tank insulation. Pipe insulation comprises a circular pipe with hot water supply and return pipe of the heat. Pipe insulation wool or polyurethane foam insulation can be used in two ways. Smaller pipe diameters are generally wool insulation insulation, polyurethane foam insulation works. When the ambient temperature is low, the temperature drop was particularly ill, if the water supply pipe of water system and not for heating and return water pipe insulation, that waste heat will increase energy efficiency ratio has declined dramatically. The thermal insulation of the tank is just as important, stainless steel tank insulation normally use insulating layer of polyurethane foam 5mm and then again outside of the thermal insulation layer with a layer of stainless steel. Tanks insulation works well.

In short, energy-saving effect of the air heater is beyond doubt, but because it matched, installation, insulation factors will make air heater hot water does not reach the expected energy savings. As long as they can in terms of configuration with thermal insulation even more reasonable, to air heater maximize its head enables it to achieve energy saving energy saving effect.