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[Yaohua heat pump] air heater channel left and right
2015-01-21 16:17:18

"Yao China hot pump-network news" blink entered 2015, year-end of near also let many air can hot pump enterprise have entered has summary period and prospect period, 2014 years in the, Internet marketing of concept gradually into domestic hot pump industry, which in channel mode Shang, line Shang channel future of light prospects and currently hot pump Enterprise rely heavily on of traditional channel Zhijian of run-in, also will in 2015 continues to staged "left go, right go".

Line Shang marketing platform of importance needless saying, all industry of enterprise have in days cat, and suning, and Beijing East, electric commercial platform Shang of focus layout description has all, for domestic air can hot pump enterprise,, currently in electric commercial platform of layout Shang, gree, and beauty of, and China days into, and Yao China, minority enterprise also in 2014 gradually exploration electric commercial channel of marketing of road.

Expert said, currently domestic of air can hot pump enterprise, traditional channel also is occupy absolute status, air can water heater limited to needs professional of installation and maintenance, in after-sales service links, can has in brand stores while established after-sales service center of enterprise also just has gree, and beauty of, and China days into, minority several enterprise, network purchased of national nature also let domestic air can hot pump enterprise of network electric commercial channel layout struggled.

Expert think, according to currently domestic air can hot pump of development trend, traditional channel still will will in a time within occupy main status, causes has three: a is currently of air can market channel main also is concentrated in three or four line city, local public of network purchased habits and network purchased capacity, local of express or logistics of covered regional, and one or two line city compared to also has larger of gap, this also decided has currently air can water heater of consumption market also is main concentrated in stores; II is air can water heater of products visibility or brand visibility , Also cannot and air conditioning, and TV, and phone, and computer, mature of appliances brand and products compared to, awareness air can water heater of consumers of proportions relative also compared low, this for air can water heater enterprise of electric commercial platform layout will will cede single of time and number further extended; three is currently domestic air can water heater enterprise of market regional also is in Guangdong, and Zhejiang, and Hunan, and Jiangxi, and Guangxi, South of several provinces, if North market of consumers from online Xia single, in logistics, and installation, and After sales are to be integrated and coordinated Cyber air heater is far from other product to facilitation, which will cause a heat pump slow development of enterprise e-commerce channels.

But electric commercial channel into air can hot pump enterprise remains trend, not only because currently of logistics industry gradually to three or four line channel sinking, next-generation of consumers increasingly bias network shopping, with domestic air can water heater enterprise development scale of further grow, after-sales service network of further perfect, in completed line Shang and line Xia channel of unified, and installation and sale Hou coordination of while, online sales of platform also will will on air can hot pump enterprise of development up to increasingly important of role, with enterprise strength of constantly development And e-commerce platform is going to appear more and more air-source heat pump business, which is no longer confined to the midea, gree, China tiancheng, Terence, and other firms.