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Air heater industry went into network marketing is the trend of the times
2015-04-07 15:07:45

 "Yaohua heat pump-net news" network marketing operation of the air heater industry there are numerous problems or defects, but air heater industry of network marketing in the future is bound to be the major trends in the future. Enterprise value and use online marketing tools, taking advantage of the network the channel would air heater pushed the development of the industry to a new level.

Indirect effects of air heater of network marketing market development
Air heater product market is able to quickly take the market for fast development, but in the enterprise channel development and publicity. Twelve-Five planning of policy support, allow air to the Dongfeng industrial ride on energy conservation and environmental protection, air industry brand enterprises become the martyr, allows consumers to further enhance the awareness of air, and spread of the Internet and the media and publicity, improve the market share of air heater on the floor.
This year, the rapid development of Internet, impacting the economic life of the society, and drastically impact on the traditional ideas and ways of thinking, changing the way people work, lifestyle, and even consumption patterns. CNNIC statistics report shows that at the end of June 2011, scale up to 420 million Chinese Internet users, Internet penetration rates had climbed to 31.8%, another statistics showed that Chinese Internet users daily average time online for 2.7 hours, than the United States were higher by 0.4 2.3 hours hours. DDCI IDC survey, 2009 Internet spending total would exceed 700 billion yuan in China. Reports said Chinese consumers ' behavior gradually shift to Internet consumption.
Air heater the way network marketing how to take
Do network marketing first should has network marketing ten basic capacity: (1) text expression capacity (2) information collection capacity; (3) user experience capacity; (4) himself hands-on capacity; (5) code understanding capacity; (6) page making capacity; (7) participation exchange capacity; (8) resources using capacity; (9) thinking summary capacity; (10) adapted changes capacity.
Many air can related brand enterprise are knows network media is propaganda sales of important channel, also knows will products, and service by netizens of search habits and by customer of interest supply widely crowd, set can ahead of a step show company products of superiority can and selling, won good reputation and preemption market opportunities, quickly improve sales and visibility, and many enterprise also using and related of sales trading website cooperation.
Now plenty of air-related Web sites, news text and a picture is the most important form of publicity, products, so that users can quickly understand the latest news. However, many businesses are based on net sales in the initial stage, there are a lot of problems. Many air Enterprise website construction, an air heater mainly display website, hardly amounts to a marketing objective, many websites still serve as one of its facades, unable to become intermediate links between businesses and consumers.
Many business websites are actively providing information to Internet users, consumer acceptance of passive air-related information makes bad publicity. And many corporate website does not provide an interactive platform to Internet users, Internet users make as consumers can have a place to interact, deepening Internet consumer perceptions of the air heater, thus contributing to their desire for consumption. Network marketing is a new marketing channels in modern times, also has its own disadvantages, such as air shop operating standards, allowing air to water heater sales disorder disorder; network consumer picture-air sales attitude of mistrust, and the problem of Internet marketing techniques and management of the site itself, and so on.
Although network marketing operation of the air heater, there are still numerous problems and shortcomings, but air heater of network marketing is the future trend. Enterprises should make good use of this channel to push the development of the air heater to a new level