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[Yaohua heat pump] considerations for air products
2015-06-03 10:26:10

 "Yaohua heat pump-net news" HC heat pump network benefits can make Science Academy and the air here. Air heater products in order to be able to play to the best advantage, usually at the time of installation and use, need to ask a lot of questions and issues, to ensure that the air heater can maximize saving energy, improve the heating efficiency. Therefore, the Science Academy while we get some attention, welcome to add!

"Installation notes"
Reasonable selection of installation location: the first is the choice of installation location, usually hosts can choose to install outdoor chiller in position, this position to better exposure to outdoor air, while the comparison. Water tank can be placed on a balcony, toilet, kitchen and other locations, can be done in the hot summer air conditioning use, and in the winter can be used as replacement air. The best installation location is the kitchen, because the most frequently used kitchen, hot water and air when the air is released, or better into the kitchen.
Connecting the drainage facilities and electrical system: first of all drainage facilities must have a water inlet and outlet, used because operation of the air heater will be condensing water direct discharge to the outside, if there is no outlet, may result in the discharge of condensate does not function. In addition to a water pipe connections, try to choose a thicker pipes, to avoid too much water, and the incline problem occurred. Finally is the electrical system connections in the circuit when installing the connected system, be sure to select the corresponding power socket systems.
Before using the test drive program: air heater after installation is complete, test drive program. Water main valves open in first, and then fill the water tank with water, after power on. And started to run on startup at boot time, and observe the host running speed, such as dashboard fans, there are no exceptions, without any exception trial procedure has been successful.
"Usage considerations"
Do not pile up debris around the air heater to prevent blockage of inlets and around to maintain a clean, dry, well-ventilated, and create a environment conducive to the operation of the air heater.
Air heater with regular checks, look at the power supply and electrical system wiring for damage, joint is solid. If there is any exception should be timely replacement or repair.
Operation of the air heater system is automated, an intelligent control electrical appliances before leaving the factory, unit safety protection devices are set up by professional personnel. When using not to operate.
Regularly cleaning water filters that are installed outside the machine. If the filter is too dirty and not cleaned for a long time, clog, affecting the normal operation of the air heater. You want to clean, ensuring clean water quality within the system, let the heater run more easily.
If users are aware of these considerations, and use it if you do it well, it will greatly extend the life of the air heater.
Air heater using high frequency, if it is to effectively maintain and ensure the normal operation of the water heater, it will greatly extend the life of air heater, and will be more convenient to use and is appropriate. I hope you take good care of their happily ever after the air heater. Well, today's HC heat pump network air Science Academy here.