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[Yaohua heat pump] air heater industry into the development
2015-06-03 10:29:43

 "Yao China hot pump-network news" March 24 news, air can water heater products after more than 10 years of development, enterprise strength, and products technology are has has mass of upgrade, and with national on energy low carbon industry of attention and support, air can water heater industry are to increasingly wide of market field extends, industry chassis will will more do more big, aoweiyun network (AVC) forecast think, 2015 will became air can water heater industry of transition years, enterprise is expected to March development "express road".

Air can follow the low-carbon trend
In recent years, as global energy crisis, the environmental crisis worsening, global countries are joining together, implement the "energy saving" obligation, "low carbon" trend has sprang up, became hot topics around the world. At present, countries are of annual carbon emissions under the Kyoto Protocol for action standard and 2014 States to conclude at the end of the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, which would urge States formed after 2020 action plan, and will also enable businesses to continue to increase its low environmental awareness. Water heater as one of the frequently used household kitchen appliances, its quality is directly related to the convenience and comfort of life, while its energy consumption, electricity consumption is greater than that with the awakening of the idea of green consumption, when consumers buy water heaters will gradually tend to choose green and healthy products. And traditional of gas, and electric water heater compared to, air can water heater is to media conversion heat for heating, not needs heating original and water contact, achieved has hydropower completely separation, no leakage, and poisoning, and explosion, against, security Shang more wins a raised; while, change has solar products rely on too Sun direct or radiation to gets heat of way, regardless of rainy, and day late, or seasons, has air on can 24 hours supply quality of hot; and, Air heater using electricity can be obtained from the air 4 kWh of electricity produced by the heat, its power consumption is only about one-third of the one-fourth of electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters one-second, these people generally choose the air heater will be the most inviting reason.
Energy efficiency standards and promoting the upgrading of industrial structure
Air heater as a new energy-efficient products, its promising future businesses will follow. However, the air heater there are a lot of problems, lack of technology is that it must face a big problem. 2015 on new year's day, hot pump hot machine (device) energy efficiency identifies implementation rules began official implementation, this while will for national energy emission reduction and related incentive policy of implementation provides necessary of technology platform, products energy efficiency grade more high, and energy effect more good of products will priority by national energy emission reduction policy of support; on the, will makes some not meet minimum energy efficiency standard of products was forced to exit market, thus promoting air can enterprise products structure of adjustment or upgrade, improve whole industry of products quality standard, Regulate the air market order. In other words, the promulgation and implementation of energy efficiency standards, will urge enterprises to strictly control processes, promote upgrading of the industrial structure of air further.
Commanding point of enterprise's marketing strategy
Although the air to the top brands in the industry in recent years, increasing technical inputs, to develop new products, but air heater market remained tepid. For this a phenomenon, aoweiyun network (AVC) on its causes for in-depth survey, survey results displayed: air can water heater of technology professional sex requirements very high, in installation, and construction, and overhaul, aspects are needs professionals; many dealer are said, although market space huge, but in specific of construction Shang, programme of design, and material of selected, and equipment installation, are lack professional talent, this in is big degree Shang became has limit dealer pioneering market of fetters. In this regard, the aoweiyun network (AVC) suggested that the enterprises according to market demands, research and development other than the full range of products, more channels are to be professional, systematic training, each air heater dealers familiar with operational procedures, so as to be ready to market development work.
In this era of big reshuffle, innovation is the only way out. Industries used to be big fish eat little fish, is now fast fish eats the slow, and specialization, innovation is "quick" condition. Air enterprise, the product is the "heart" of channel was pumping "blood vessels", only the situation and strengthen research and development, the "heart" and "vascular" reached perfect cooperation, enterprises go in the development of the industry, "FastLane" and achieve a leap in quality.