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Air heater six practical common sense how much you know
2015-08-05 15:17:34

    "Yaohua heat pump-v" air heater, also known as "air-source heat pump water heater" "air conditioner water heater" and so on. Air heater low temperature absorption of heat in the air, the compressor compressed into high-temperature thermal energy to heat the water temperature. Air heater with high efficiency and energy-saving features, make the same amount of hot water, electric-assisted high utilization efficiency of solar water heaters. Air as a fourth-generation energy-efficient water heater, but there are still a lot of people don't know anything about air heater how to use, then let professional engineers for your universal air spring air heater using tips:
Common sense: air heater is open out of hot water?
In life we use water heaters are known, most of the time when the heater is turned on, take some time to get out of hot water, and air to water heater as well. But there are some air heater with water return device, open the faucet on hot water can be achieved. If air-source water heater does not own such devices, consumers can also buy water pumps installed at home, can play a role.
Common sense II: did air heater installation location requirements?
Air heater than water heaters are larger, generally not recommended for installation in the bathroom, family bathroom volume is relatively small, and humid all year round is very susceptible to corrosion water heater. If you want to install air-source water heater, general recommendations installation in the kitchen or on the balcony, and pay attention to hosts and water tank not too far away, preferably within 3 metres, if in extreme cases, can be installed back to problem solve slow hot water recirculation pumps.
Three common sense: install how do air heater pipeline?
Plumbing and General water heater air heater, main reserved on the installation position is an inlet, triangular electric outlet 220V plug, and drain. Due to the air heater will discharge the condensation water at work, and thus set a floor drain at the installation location is very important, you can avoid the sea river.
Four common sense: air heater has been connected to electricity?
Although the air heater has been out of power, but once the heating is complete, built-in unit will automatically shut off and insulation, and insulation does not consume power, quality of tank insulation effect in 72 hours. Household air heater unit works in about 2 hours a day, and even some families only use in a short period of time, so air heater for the consumption of electricity is very small, the tariff need not worry. Proper maintenance of the unit to the longer service life of the water heater.
Five common sense: air heater will make noise?
Each of these machines in operation are not hundred percent there is no noise, air heater, too, but air manufacturers within human acceptable scope of noise control, so consumers don't have to worry about excessive noise problems. If the noise from water heater is too large, that host problems, need to get air to the manufacturers to come to check repairs.
Six common sense: air heater metres before the host can not have building blocks?
Due to the air heater is needed to absorb heat from the air to the work, so the remnants of at least 3-5 space in front of the host so that air circulation.