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Tips from household air tank how can use it
2015-08-05 15:24:06

"Yaohua heat pump-v" air heater, also known as "air-source heat pump water heater" "air conditioner water heater" and so on. Air-source heat pump water heater by definition is carried heat through the refrigerant in the air to the water, conventional electric water heaters and gas water heater is through the consumption of gas and electricity to get the heat and air heater is achieved by absorbing heat from the air to heat water the purpose of, in the case of electrical energy is consumed the same can absorb approximately equivalent to three times the power of thermal energy to heat water.
Air heater with its energy-saving, environment protection, safety and makes more and more consumers like it, because of its high price, consumers buying air heater, how to choose appropriate volumetric tank is very important. You need how can use it?
1, as we normally use estimation, we each shower uses hot water from about 40 to 50L/people, of course, this also depends on the personal bathing habits, if the shower takes a long time, can be appropriately increased.
2, if you have more than one bathroom at home, when you consider more than one toilet and shower, also want to increase the water tank capacity of around 50 to 100L.
3, if there are bathtub, bath tub also needs to increase by 50 to 100L water tank capacity.
For example: a family is a family of three, a bathroom, no bathtub, you can select 150 liter water tank. If there are two toilet we recommend 200-liter water tank. If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, then 300-liter tank.
Electric water heaters and other traditional water heaters, air-source heat pump water heater is a new thing in the domestic market, consumer's perception of it is still low. There are a lot of people think using a heat can get three heat is unlikely to be met, and on the application of technique of exploiting other products as well, although the penetration rate has been very high heat pump. Today, because of some of the larger shopping malls there is no air to water heater sales, consumer awareness of the air heater is still very low.