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Air heater several safety systems
2014-12-13 12:29:13
Recently, frequent accidents water heaters, also allows users to more and more worried about the emergence of air to water heaters, the user is a comfort. Water heaters have become a part of consumers' lives, and accidents also gave them great distress. Air heat pump advantages in terms of security, its opened up a bigger market. Air heater security mainly in about four points:
1, the water temperature air source water heater temperature safety is always in between 40-55 degrees Celsius, burns will not occur. Gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heater temperature is not stable, hot and cold water, prone to burns. At constant temperature air to water heaters, bacteria less healthy and safe.
2, water separation is the use of natural gas water heaters, heating, easy to leak; electric water heaters use electric heating, electric shock accident prone; heat pump water heater with air heating, water tank with strong electricity completely separated, will not happen leak leakage, electric shock, poisoning accident.
3, liner pressurized air source water heater liner material used to effectively scale corrosion, temperature variations at large, even though the tank expands, there is a strong enough liner bearing capacity, but also to ensure safety .
4 safety systems, air source water heater system can achieve automatic operation, multiple intelligent control. Air source water heater control panel is simple, and is provided with a comprehensive security measures in the event of leakage, dry, etc., can be intelligent processing, and will alarm. With internal air leakage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-dry protection, high voltage protection, warranty fully protect the safety of ~