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Air to the industry's vision
2014-12-13 12:31:15
As the General Assembly under eighteen called green development, cycle development, low-carbon development, air can get the attention of new energy, with energy consumption, pollution-free, safe and reliable advantage. Under the changes in consumer attitudes and government policy support of the people, the air can usher in a good development opportunities. Tiancheng from the air began to focus on the domestic market since last year, whether it is reliable, innovative technology, or its market awareness of product design, performance has been greatly improved. The advantage of low-carbon energy security to win more and more investors and companies to join the fastest growing consumer market in order to increase rate counterparts. With the development of the industry's capacity to grow and market synchronous increase competitive advantage within the industry is also increasingly apparent.
Whether Tiancheng company or air distributor for product promotion very seriously deepened the market and consumer awareness of the brand of Tiancheng. In the past year, air heat pump commercial aircraft market performed well, regardless of the short season, because of the obvious energy efficiency, comfort advantages of widely recognized by the market. Consumer awareness of air heat pump products has been greatly improved. At the same time, technological innovation and standardization Tiancheng production have made significant progress and improvement, market differentiation obvious advantages, the accumulation of these advantages are for the development of air to water heater foundation.
Heat pump products have been developed so many big cities in the country and developed a firm foothold in the city, and showed a momentum of vigorous development. All along the southern tier market of consumers seeking "new" consciousness is very strong, which will inevitably drive the market development of the South secondary and tertiary markets heat pump water heater. Southern region, especially in the economic development of Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, fastest, and fast because of local industrial enterprises more livable real estate and many other wild all have in cross plate. Residents gradually strong consumer base in the occasion, it will naturally think of the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products, heat pump water heater will have a basis for development.