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Heat pump ten big advantage
2014-10-17 11:05:21
1、Energy-saving: the working cost comes as 1/4 that of electric boiler, 1/3 that of fuel boiler and 1/2 that of gas boiler, saving energy much more than that of the solar energy hot water system and presenting a high energy-efficiency ratio and a notable energy-saving effect.
2、Cost-saving: the heat pump unit is mounted on a roof or outdoors, without need of a boiler house, saving the land investment; no need of annular inspection and additional working cost; no need of fuel shipment and storage; no need of people on-duty; no need of complicated maintenance and overhaul; a short period of the investment recovery.
3、Safe: no fuel leak, fire disaster, explosion etc. hidden troubles on safety with the heat pump unit. There are high voltage, low voltage, overcurrent of compressor, overload, extra-high water temperature, automatic level control of the water tank etc. multiple protections inside of the unit, completely eliminating electric leak, dry burning, extra-high temperature etc. hidden troubles.
4、Environmental protection:the heat pump unit offers no pollution to the environment, belongs to the high efficient energy-saving environmental protection product and conforms the national policy for energy source industry and environmental protection.
5、Simple: the unit is in full-auto intelligent control, modularized design, simple installation and easy use.
6、Durable: use of the compressor of a famous brand and the know-how of five antirust ways makes the unit durable.
7、Automatic defrosting: intelligent and flexible defrosting, different defrosting parameters and control plans can be set upon different weather conditions so as to have defrosting more complete, more flexible and more energy-saving.
8、Automatic timing start function: automatic on-off time can be set with the unit, making use of electricity at the trough available and the working cost saver.
9、Modularized control function: a hot water supply system of several units can be made upon the actual need of users and the modularized control can have the working time of each unit and the sequence for the units to be put into work one after another automatically adjustable to make sure of an identical working time of each unit and the whole hot water supply system in a high efficient and quality work.
10、Broad application: workable all the year round, without getting affected by weather, satisfactory for the hot water demand from schools, hospitals, hotels, bathhouses in factories, residences, showering centers etc. Trades.