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How to beat the market air heater
2014-10-20 18:17:43
Air to water heater did not like the earlier experts predict general market quickly become mainstream water heater industry, did not squeeze out the water heater by the other three categories become extraordinary supporting role in the launch of more than ten years of time. In the current development, it tried to find a breakthrough point in being smooth, keep the existing market, to fight for their more profitable space. However, the air heater how to play their own advantages to outperform the market, which for both inside and outside the industry are a serious problem. 
Quality assurance, rooted existing market 
No matter what stage of product development, quality control of products are brunt. Especially as home appliance products, does not like clothes, once a quarter will be replaced. As part of home appliances, every replacement requires greater effort and investment, so they need to ensure a long life, at the same time easy to use process assured. Today, the central water heater popular, naturally refused to air to water heater behind, follow-up air to the central water heater design, if the quality can not be guaranteed, and even replace the need to disassemble repair and maintenance teams to use to even the decoration team, is not simply money that can be solved things, consuming energy, more trouble. Therefore, the quality of the first, and only in the case of excellent quality, in order to seize the existing market share, with word of mouth impress consumers, expand the consumer market. 
Remain innovative, to inject fresh vitality 
Air heater bulky, inconvenient to install drawback has been criticized by consumers mouth, you want to break this situation, we have to take innovative routes. "Door hinge is never worm-eaten, water does not rot," which is any one wants a long-term development of enterprises should understand the truth, remain innovative, to be able Heights occupied in the industry. Now the market is in a watershed, the lack of core technology vendors in the near future students will impact the market and gradually decline, with major technology vendors will master the market mainly raw lifeline, and the contest between technology owners will need to continue to innovate to achieve product quality improvement, in order to better access to consumer awareness and recognition. 
Consumer protection, focusing on the people to win 
  Apart from the product itself, the product-related services are of paramount importance. Meanwhile consumers to buy the product, but also means buying a range of services. Air to water heater as a home big thing, consumers in the purchase cautious, considerable quality, consumers would need to win by coordinating efforts of all other aspects, which would include the service, specifically, is warranty repair, assist with installation, after-sales regularly visit, accept customer feedback and suggestions to improve the product and timely improvements. Protect the interests of consumers, which is to protect the future of air to water heater market, winning hearts, can win the market.