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How to win air heater "undecided" consumer confidence
2014-12-13 12:28:07
All along, the air heater dealers complain terminal market awareness is low, the price is high, the promotion is difficult, harder to sell and other issues, trust after all, or consumer products is not very high. Insiders said air heater because the price is really high, you can start a comprehensive market?
An aristocratic air heater actually cost compared with other water heater products, there is no cost advantage, so relying on price competition, is not air outlets, Tiancheng domestic marketing leadership, analysts believe that, in order to break the market development of detention, must take the "unusual" way. The information feedback from the market, in fact, the problem is that consumers have been considered, spending more than 4500 yuan of air, the quality is really feasible, can provide satisfactory comfort hot life for themselves. And the TV is not the same scene plug it, you can play to see clarity, to demonstrate something. Again Soymilk, scene polish food, taste can be. So whether it can draw inferences Tiancheng it? In the upcoming "May Day" activities, the leadership began to have ideas, intended for market promotion programs to create a more competitive.
"Free trial, after the payment satisfied", the theme activities are allowed to do? At the meeting one person to stand up and be responsible for the marketing department proposed this idea, "The only disadvantage of this scheme is that place, you need to have a full grasp of technology products, namely product stability must be done close to the defect, only recognized by the market. "April 25, Tiancheng in the national market," the first free trial, after the payment satisfied "promotion policy, and is currently in full swing.