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There are five levels of COP in Air source heat pump
2014-10-20 18:15:16
Air source heat pump water heater has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, but has been a lack of standards and specifications, and with the air energy efficiency standard come on stage, the consumer can depend on the standard when choose and buy in the future.
The limited value COP and energy efficiency grades for heat pump water heaterhas been approved by the relevant departments, COP were divided into 5 levels, level one is the highest level, the standard will take effect on October 1st.
It is reported that the energy efficiency standards "applies to the motor drive, Using vapor compression refrigeration cycle and taking air as heat source to provide hot water for water heater. For the efficiency, As a whole was divided into five grades, level 1 is the highest. For the allowable value of COP, the COP measured values should not be less than level 5, energy conservation evaluation value shall be the specified value of level 2. For the energy efficiency level, will be according to three factors: heating capacity, water heater’s type and the way of heating.
At present, air source is still an emerging industry, many citizens lack of understanding of it, especially when choosing and buying air source, do not know how to recognize the efficiency is good or not. After the COP standard of air source is published, consumers can purchase satisfied air source heat pump water heater according to the actual needs.