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  • "Yao China hot pump-network news" blink entered 2015, year-end of near also let many air can hot pump enterprise have entered has summary period and prospect period, 2014 years in the, Internet marketing of concept gradually into domestic hot pump industry, which in channel mode Shang, line Shang channel future of light prospects and currently hot pump Enterprise rely heavily on of traditional channel Zhijian of run-in, also will in 2015 continues to staged "left go, right go".
  • "Yaohua heat pump-net news" at present, China is vigorously promoting a low carbon energy-saving lives. Energy saving low carbon life goods increasing everyone's favorite. It is understood that the heater, as so-called "fourth-generation water heater" air heater was gradually accepted. Air heater on the market today price is relatively high, but because of the comfort, safety and energy efficiency attracted a group of users. So how do you use only the most energy-efficient air heater?
  • Air to water heater did not like the earlier experts predict general market quickly become mainstream water heater industry, did not squeeze out the water heater by the other three categories become extraordinary supporting role in the launch of more than ten years of time
  • Air source heat pump water heater has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, but has been a lack of standards and specifications, and with the air energy efficiency standard come on stage, the consumer can depend on the standard when choose and buy in the future
  • Select a heat pump with a demand-defrost control. This will minimize the defrost cycles, thereby reducing supplementary and heat pump energy use.
  • This section gives a brief introduction to heat pumps. Based on six basic facts about heat supply the value of heat pumps is discussed. It is argued that heat pumps are very energy efficient, and therefore environmentally benign. An efficient technology
  • Energy-saving: the working cost comes as 1/4 that of electric boiler, 1/3 that of fuel boiler and 1/2 that of gas boiler, saving energy much more than that of the solar energy hot water system and presenting a high energy-efficiency ratio and a notable energy-saving effect.
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